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๐Ÿ“™ Biology of the Prokaryotes by โ€” epub download

Designed as an upper-level textbook and a reference for researchers, this important book concentrates on central concepts of the bacterial lifestyle. Taking a refreshingly new approach, it present an integrated view of the prokaryotic cell as an organism and as a member of an interacting population. Beginning with a description of cellular structures, the text proceeds through metabolic pathways and metabolic reactions to the genes and regulatory mechanisms. At a higher level of complexity, a discussion of cell differentiation processes is followed by a description of the diversity of prokaryotes and their role in the biosphere. A closing section deals with man and microbes (ie, applied microbiology).

  • The first text to adopt an integrated view of the prokaryotic cell as an organism and as a member of a population.
  • Vividly illustrates the diversity of the prokaryotic world - nearly all the metabolic diversity in living organisms is found in microbes.
  • New developments in applied microbiology highlighted.
  • Extensive linking between related topics allows easy navigation through the book.ย 
  • Essential definitions and conclusions highlighted.
  • Supplementary information in boxes.
Chapter 1 Bacteriology Paved the Way to Cell Biology: A Historical Account (pages 1โ€“17):
Chapter 2 Cellular and Subcellular Organization of Prokaryotes (pages 19โ€“46):
Chapter 3 Substrate?Level Phosphorylation (pages 48โ€“58):
Chapter 4 Electron?Transport?Coupled Phosphorylation (pages 59โ€“67):
Chapter 5 Multiple Roles of Prokaryotic Cell Membranes (pages 68โ€“87):
Chapter 6 Growth and Nutrition (pages 88โ€“109):
Chapter 7 Biosynthesis of Building Blocks (pages 110โ€“160):
Chapter 8 Assimilation of Macroelements and Microelements (pages 163โ€“186):
Chapter 9 Oxidation of Organic Compounds (pages 187โ€“233):
Chapter 10 Oxidation of Inorganic Compounds by Chemolithotrophs (pages 234โ€“260):
Chapter 11 Aerobic Respiration and Regulation of Aerobic/Anaerobic Metabolism (pages 261โ€“277):
Chapter 12 Anaerobic Energy Metabolism (pages 278โ€“326):
Chapter 13 Utilization of Light by Prokaryotes (pages 327โ€“340):
Chapter 14 DNA, Chromosomes, and Plasmids (pages 343โ€“361):
Chapter 15 The Genetic Information (pages 362โ€“385):
Chapter 16 Genetic Exchange between Microorganisms (pages 386โ€“415):
Chapter 17 Recombinant DNA Technology (pages 416โ€“433):
Chapter 18 Regulation of Gene Expression: Operons and Regulons (pages 437โ€“468):
Chapter 19 Posttranslational Control and Modifications of Proteins (pages 469โ€“490):
Chapter 20 Global Regulatory Networks and Signal Transduction Pathways (pages 491โ€“523):
Chapter 21 Regulation of Fermentation and Respiration (pages 524โ€“537):
Chapter 22 The Bacterial Cell Cycle (pages 541โ€“554):
Chapter 23 Assembly of Cellular Surface Structures (pages 555โ€“570):
Chapter 24 Processes of Cellular Differentiation (pages 571โ€“585):
Chapter 25 Sporulation and Cell Differentiation (pages 586โ€“601):
Chapter 26 Bacteriophages as Models for Differentiation (pages 602โ€“626):
Chapter 27 Secondary Metabolism in Bacteria: Antibiotic Pathways, Regulation, and Function (pages 627โ€“651):
Chapter 28 Adaptation to Extreme Environments (pages 652โ€“671):
Chapter 29 Prokaryotic Diversity and Systematics (pages 673โ€“720):
Chapter 30 Ecophysiology and Ecological Niches of Prokaryotes (pages 723โ€“762):
Chapter 31 Habitats of Prokaryotes (pages 763โ€“803):
Chapter 32 Global Biogeochemical Cycles (pages 804โ€“811):
Chapter 33 Prokaryotes in Medicine (pages 815โ€“849):
Chapter 34 Prokaryotes in Agriculture (pages 850โ€“873):
Chapter 35 Prokaryotes in Industrial Production (pages 874โ€“899):
Chapter 36 Prokaryotes in Environmental Processes (pages 900โ€“912):
Chapter 37 Prokaryotes and Man: Chances, Promises, and Risks (pages 913โ€“920):

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  • Year: 1998
  • Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780632053575,9781444313314

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  • Format: pdf

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