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📙 BioNanotechnology (Volume 2) by Elisabeth S. Papazoglou, Aravind Parthasarathy — download pdf

This book aims to provide vital information about the growing field of bionanotechnology for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as working professionals in various fields. The fundamentals of nanotechnology are covered along with several specific bionanotechnology applications, including nanobioimaging and drug delivery which is a growing $100 billions industry. The uniqueness of the field has been brought out with unparalleled lucidity; a balance between important insight into the synthetic methods of preparing stable nano-structures and medical applications driven focus educates and informs the reader on the impact of this emerging field. Critical examination of potential threats followed by a current global outlook completes the discussion. In short, the book takes you through a journey from fundamentals to frontiers of bionanotechnology so that you can understand and make informed decisions on the impact of bionano on your career and business.

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