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πŸ“™ Clinical Dilemmas in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: New Challenges, Second Edition by β€” free epub

The second edition of Clinical Dilemmas in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: New Challenges, is a practical, up-to-date handbook providing expert guidance on specific clinical dilemmas and areas of difficulty that the gastroenterologist regularly faces in day-to-day practice.Β 

In this new edition, 75% of the β€œdilemmas” are brand new dilemmas facing the IBD specialist concerning emerging treatment therapies, such as the use of cannabinoids and Viagra for Crohn’s disease.Β  The remaining 25% of the dilemmas are fully updated from the previous edition, incorporating the latest clinical thinking.

Each of the 57 evidence-based chapters contains clear learning points, addresses different topics, and provides sound guidance on subjects ranging from optimizing current management through to special management problems and novel treatments.

This book is suitable for all medical professionals involved in the care of patients with IBD: established and trainee gastroenterologists, colorectal surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, specialist nurses, pharmacists, dieticians and counselors.Content:
Chapter 1 Which will take us Further in IBDβ€”Study of Coding Variation or Epigenetics? (pages 1–6): Miles Parkes
Chapter 2 IBD in Different Ethnic Groups: Same or Different? (pages 7–11): Rupert W. L. Leong, Dorothy K. L. Chow and Christian P. Selinger
Chapter 3 How does the Risk ofc Infection Influence Management of IBD around the World? (pages 13–18): Kiran K. Peddi and Ian Craig Lawrance
Chapter 4 Traveling with IBD (pages 19–22): Ing Shian Soon and Gilaad Kaplan
Chapter 5 What to do about Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C in Patients with IBD (pages 23–26): Morven Cunningham and Graham R. Foster
Chapter 6 CMV in IBDβ€”Passenger or Pathogen? (pages 27–29): Ahmed Kandiel and Bret Lashner
Chapter 7 Clostridium Difficile in IBD: Impact, Prevention, and Treatment (pages 30–33): Ashwin N. Ananthakrishnan and David G. Binion
Chapter 8 Prebiotics and Synbiotics: Panacea or Placebo (pages 34–37): James O. Lindsay
Chapter 9 Worms: Light at the End of their Burrow (pages 38–40): John Leung and Joel V. Weinstock
Chapter 10 Do we Really Need to Vaccinate all Patients with IBD? (pages 41–44): Gauree Gupta and Gil Y. Melmed
Chapter 11 Biomarkers in IBD: Myth or Marvel? (pages 45–50): Richard B. Gearry and Andrew S. Day
Chapter 12 Radiation Exposure in IBD: How do we Minimize the Dangers? (pages 51–56): Owen J. O'Connor, Alan N. Desmond, Fergus Shanahan and Michael M. Maher
Chapter 13 Surveillance Colonoscopy in UC: What is the Best Way to do it? (pages 57–60): Matthew D. Rutter
Chapter 14 New 5?ASAs for Ulcerative Colitis: a Tiny Step or Giant Stride Forward? (pages 61–68): L. Campbell Levy
Chapter 15 Do 5?ASAs Prevent Cancer? (pages 69–72): Richard Logan and Venkataraman Subramanian
Chapter 16 Why do we Still Use 5?ASAs in Crohn's Disease? (pages 73–76): Stephen B. Hanauer, Henit Yanai and Emma Calabrese
Chapter 17 Steroids in Crohn's Disease: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Dangers? (pages 77–82): A. Hillary Steinhart
Chapter 18 Thioguanine Nucleotide Measurement: Nonadherent, Underdosed, Shunter, or Refractory? (pages 83–88): Miles P. Sparrow
Chapter 19 Thiopurines and the Sun: What should be Done? (pages 89–93): Conal M. Perrett, Jane M. McGregor and Catherine A. Harwood
Chapter 20 Do Thiopurines Worsen Risk andc prognosis of Cervical Neoplasia? (pages 94–97): Melissa A. Smith, Jeremy D. Sanderson, Anna Foley and Peter R. Gibson
Chapter 21 Optimizing Use of Methotrexate (pages 98–101): Anna Foley and Peter R. Gibson
Chapter 22 Which Calcineurin Inhibitor and When? (pages 102–105): A. Barney Hawthorne
Chapter 23 Are all Anti?TNF Agents the Same? (pages 107–112): Jennifer L. Jones
Chapter 24 One Drug or Two: Do Patients on Biologics Need Concurrent Immunomodulation? (pages 113–116): Glen A. Doherty and Adam S. Cheifetz
Chapter 25 How do we Identify Patients Needing Early Aggressive Therapy and what Should we Use? (pages 117–119): Marc Ferrante and S?everine Vermeire
Chapter 26 What is the Role of Biologics in UC? (pages 120–123): Joanna K. Law and Brian Bressler
Chapter 27 What can we do with Crohn's Patients who Fail or Lose Response to Anti?TNF Therapy? (pages 124–128): David T. Rubin
Chapter 28 Which Extraintestinal Manifestations of IBD Respond to Biologics? (pages 129–132): Tina A. Mehta and Chris S. J. Probert
Chapter 29 Use and Abuse of Biologics in Pregnancy (pages 133–135): Marla C. Dubinsky
Chapter 30 Is Anti?TNF Therapy Safe to Use in People with a History of Malignancy? (pages 136–139): Mark Lust and Simon Travis
Chapter 31 The Risks of Immunomodulators and Biologics: What should we Tell Patients? (pages 140–143): Corey A. Siegel
Chapter 32 When, How, and in whom should we Stop Biologics? (pages 144–147): Edouard Louis, Jacques Belaiche and Catherine Reenaers
Chapter 33 Avoiding Drug Interactions (pages 149–155): Tim Elliott and Peter M. Irving
Chapter 34 Is there Still a Role for Ursodeoxycholic Acid Treatment in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease Associated with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis? (pages 156–158): Emmanouil Sinakos and Keith D. Lindor
Chapter 35 Stem Cell Transplantation for Crohn's: Will it Fulfill its Promise? (pages 159–163): Venkataraman Subramanian and Christopher J. Hawkey
Chapter 36 Complementary Therapy: Is there a Needle in the Haystack? (pages 164–167): Shane M. Devlin
Chapter 37 Optimizing IBD Patients for Surgery and Recovery (pages 169–174): Jonathan M. Wilson and Alastair Windsor
Chapter 38 Is Surgery the Best Initial Treatment for Limited Ileocecal Crohn's Disease? (pages 175–177): Tom oresland
Chapter 39 Laparoscopic or Open Surgery for IBD? (pages 178–181): Donna Appleton and Michael Hershman
Chapter 40 Optimizing Management of Perianal Crohn's Disease (pages 182–185): David A. Schwartz and Norman R. Clark
Chapter 41 Does Anti?TNF Therapy Increase the Risk of Complications of Surgery? (pages 186–191): Ming Valerie Lin, Wojciech Blonski and Gary R. Lichtenstein
Chapter 42 Pouches for Indeterminate Colitis and Crohn's Disease: Act now, Pay Later? (pages 192–195): Phillip Fleshner
Chapter 43 Dealing with Pouchitis (pages 196–199): Simon D. McLaughlin and Bo Shen
Chapter 44 Mucosal Healing in IBD: Does it Matter? (pages 201–206): Geert D'Haens
Chapter 45 Vitamin D in IBD: From Genetics to Bone Health via Cancer and Immunology (pages 207–211): Helen M. Pappa and Richard J. Grand
Chapter 46 Got Milk? Medication Use and Nursing in Women with IBD (pages 212–214): Sunanda Kane
Chapter 47 Does Stress Matter? (pages 215–217): Robert G. Maunder
Chapter 48 IBS is Common in IBD: Fact or Fallacy? (pages 218–221): James Goodhand and David S. Rampton
Chapter 49 So where is all the Cancer? (pages 222–225): Judith E. Baars and C. Janneke van der Woude
Chapter 50 What should Patients with IBD Eat? (pages 227–232): Emile Richman, Keith Leiper and Jonathan M. Rhodes
Chapter 51 Enteral Nutrition in Crohn'sβ€”who for, when, how and which Formula? (pages 233–236): Raanan Shamir and Ernest G. Seidman
Chapter 52 Optimizing Treatment of Iron Deficiency Anemia (pages 237–240): Hermann Schulze and Axel Dignass
Chapter 53 IBD Standards: Will they Enhance Patient Care? (pages 241–246): Michael D. Kappelman
Chapter 54 Your Treatment will not Work if the Patient does not take it (pages 247–250): Rob Horne
Chapter 55 Inflammatory Bowel Disease: What to Tell Your Emergency Department (ED) Team (pages 251–254): Louise Langmead
Chapter 56 Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Care (pages 255–257): Elizabeth J. Hait and Laurie N. Fishman
Chapter 57 Medicolegal Pitfalls in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Care (pages 258–260): William J. Tremaine

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  • Year: 2011
  • Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781444334548,9781444342574

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