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📙 Game Programming Gems 6 by Mike (Mike Dickheiser) Dickheiser — free download

Game Programming Gems 6 is the latest ALL new volume in this critically acclaimed series. Filled with insights from game industry pros, this volume provides faster, better, tools and techniques for making the best games possible. These techniques have been used in today's most successful games and will help solve many of the challenges facing the development team. Not only do they help the team avoid redundancy and save valuable programming hours, but they push the team to approach problems from a new perspective and develop their own tools to prevent future issues. As with all previous volumes, the core areas of graphics, programming, networking, AI, physics, and audio are thoroughly covered and in this volume, new coverage of game testing, wireless gaming, and scripting has also been added. Game Programming Gems 6 is an indispensable resource that every developer must have on their shelves!

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