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📙 Handbook of Batteries by David Linden, Thomas B. Reddy — free epub


Comprehensive, coherent, and completely up-to-date, Handbook of Batteries, Third Edition brings you the expertise of 80 of the world's top experts -- a wealth of hands-on knowledge compiled and edited by two pioneering researchers who are top-ranked consultants to the battery industry.,

Making vital data and equations instantly accessible for a wide range of applications, the Handbook has more authoritative information than any other source on the characteristics, properties, and performance of every major battery type.

This edition's four new chapters give you new, fully-detailed information on Lithium Ion and Propulsion and Industrial Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries, and portable fuel cells -- including small fuel cells (less than 1000 Watts) which are potentially competitive with battery sytems.

Thoroughly updating all developments in the field since 1995, the Third Edition of this ultimate state-of-the-art guide:

*Brings you up to speed on today's cutting edge battery technologies, materials and methods *Helps you predict battery performance under all operating conditions *Simplifies the selection of the most suitable batteries for a wide range of applications

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