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📙 Principles of Electric Circuits CC by Thomas L. Floyd — download pdf

This book provides an exceptionally clear introduction to DC/AC circuits supported by superior exercises, examples, and illustrationsndash;and an emphasis on troubleshooting and applications. It features an exciting full color format which uses color to enhance the instructional value of photographs, illustrations, tables, charts, and graphs. Throughout the book's coverage, the use of mathematics is limited to only those concepts that are needed for understanding. Floyd's acclaimed troubleshooting emphasis, as always, provides learners with the problem solving experience they need for a successful career in electronics. Chapter topics cover components, quantities and units; voltage, current, and resistance; Ohm's Law; energy and power; series circuits; parallel circuits; series-parallel circuits; circuit theorems and conversions; branch, mesh, and node analysis; magnetism and electromagnetism; an introduction to alternating current and voltage; phasors and complex numbers; capacitors; inductors; transformers; RC circuits; RL circuits; RLC circuits and resonance; basic filters; circuit theorems in AC analysis; pulse response of reactive circuits; and polyphase systems in power applications. For electronics technicians, electronics teachers, and electronics hobbyists.

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Principles of Electric Circuits CC

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