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📙 Process driven comprehensive auditing : a new way to conduct ISO 9001:2000 internal audits by Paul C. Palmes — epub download

Process Driven Comprehensive Auditing was written for the novice internal auditor to provide an easy to understand method for conducting a highly effective audit. By combining a series of general questions drawn from many elements of the ISO 9001:2000 Standard with a cross reference guide to particular elements such as Purchasing, Design, Production Control and Calibration, the methods presented in this book offer a practical and uncomplicated starting point for any first time auditor. Process Driven Comprehensive Auditing takes a new approach that affirms an auditor s willingness to learn and contribute to their company by simplifying a complex series of actions; it does this through examination and guided application of Shewhart and Deming s PDCA Cycle. Also included is a CD ROM with the PDCA Audit Master template. Contents: Preface Acknowledgments Chapter 1 The Auditor s Journey Chapter 2 Plan, Do: The Beginning of the PDCA Cycle Chapter 3 Check, Act and the Process Model: Chapter 4 PDCA as a Process: Making the Most of a Good Plan Chapter 5 Integrating ISO 9001:2000: Systems and Their Processes Chapter 6 ISO 9001:2000 Section 4.1 and PDCA: The Big Picture Chapter 7 Imagining an ISO 9001:2000 PDCA Audit: What Questions Would We Ask? Chapter 8 The PDCA Audit Master: The Generic ISO 9001:2000 PDCA Audit Tool Chapter 9 Integrating ISO Specifics into the Audit Appendix A Process Driven Comprehensive Audit Appendix B Quality Management Systems: Requirements Appendix C Sample Audit Glossary

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