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πŸ“™ Psychiatry, Third Edition by β€” free epub

Extensively revised and updated this edition reflects the progress and developments in the field.Β With 127 chapters and over 400 contributors this book is a truly comprehensive exposition of the specialty of psychiatry.

Written by well-known and highly regarded experts from around the world, it takes a patient-centered approach making it an indispensable resource for all those involved in the care of patients with psychiatric disorders.

For this new edition, the section on the Neuroscientific Foundations of Psychiatry has been completely revised, with a new author team recruited by Section Editors Jonathan Polan and Eric Kandel.Β  The final section, Special Populations and Clinical Settings, features important new chapters on today’s most urgent topics, including the homeless, restraint and geriatric psychiatry.

Key features include:

  • Coverage of the entire field of psychiatry, from psychoanalysis to pharmacology and brain imaging, including family relations, cultural influence and change, epidemiology, genetics and behavioral medicine
  • Clinical vignettes describing current clinical practice in an attractive design
  • Numerous figures and tables that facilitate learning and comprehension appear throughout the text
  • Clear comparisons of the DSM-IV-TR and ICD-10 criteria for easy understanding in a global context
  • Diagnostic and treatment decision trees to help both the novice and experienced reader

The chapter on Cognitive Behavioral Therapies by Edward Friedman, Michael Thase and Jesse Wright is freely available.Β  Please click on Read Excerpt 2 above to read this superb exposition of these important therapies.Content:
Chapter 1 Listening to the Patient (pages 1–19): Paul C. Mohl
Chapter 2 Physician–Patient Relationship (pages 20–32): Amy M. Ursano, Stephen M. Sonnenberg and Robert J. Ursano
Chapter 3 The Psychiatric Interview: Settings and Techniques (pages 33–53): Edward K. Silberman, Kenneth Certa and Abigail Kay
Chapter 4 The Cultural Context of Clinical Assessment (pages 54–66): Laurence J. Kirmayer, Cecile Rousseau, G. Eric Jarvis and Jaswant Guzder
Chapter 5 Professional Ethics and Boundaries (pages 67–80): Richard S. Epstein and Ahmed Okasha
Chapter 6 Legal Issues in Psychiatric Practice (pages 81–94): David M. Benedek and Thomas A. Grieger
Chapter 7 A Psychiatric Perspective on Human Development (pages 95–108): David A. Mrazek
Chapter 8 Infant Development: The First 3 Years of Life (pages 109–134): Charles H. Zeanah, Brian Stafford, Neil W. Boris and Michael Scheeringa
Chapter 9 Preschool Development (pages 135–149): Robert B. Clyman
Chapter 10 School?Age Development (pages 150–160): Theodore Shapiro and Dima Amso
Chapter 11 Adolescent Development (pages 161–180): Kenneth E. Towbin and John E. Showalter
Chapter 12 Adult Development (pages 181–195): William R. Beardslee and George Vaillant
Chapter 13 Late Life (pages 196–202): David Bienenfeld
Chapter 14 A Brief History of Psychiatry (pages 203–242): Michael H. Stone
Chapter 15 Are there Biological Commonalities among Different Psychiatric Disorders? (pages 243–256): Christopher Pittenger and Amit Etkin
Chapter 16 Genetic Epidemiology and Molecular Genetics of Psychiatric Disorders (pages 257–274): Kathleen R. Merikangas and Maria Karayiorgou
Chapter 17 Modeling Psychiatric Disorders in Experimental Animals (pages 275–288): Trevor W. Robbins and Holly M. Moore
Chapter 18 The Scientific Basis of Psychotherapy (pages 289–300): Steven Roose, Arnold M. Cooper and Peter Fonagy
Chapter 19 The Neurobiology of Schizophrenia (pages 301–316): William V. Bobo, Judith L. Rapoport, Anissa Abi?Dargham, Hossein Fatemi and Herbert Y. Meltzer
Chapter 20 Neurobiology of Anxiety Disorders (pages 317–338): Michael J. Meaney, Joseph E. LeDoux and Michael L. Liebowitz
Chapter 21 Neurobiologic Foundations of Mood Disorders (pages 339–353): Ronald Duman, H. Jonathan Polan and Alan Schatzberg
Chapter 22 Pathophysiology of Addiction (pages 354–378): George F. Koob, Denise Kandel and Nora D. Volkow
Chapter 23 Neuroscience of Autism (pages 379–392): David G. Amaral, John L. R. Rubenstein and Sally J. Rogers
Chapter 24 Neurodegeneration and Dementia (pages 393–400): John Hardy and Scott A. Small
Chapter 25 Psychiatric Epidemiology (pages 401–432): Philip S. Wang, Mauricio Tohen, Evelyn J. Bromet, Jules Angst and Ronald C. Kessler
Chapter 26 Cognitive Psychology (pages 433–453): Geraldine Downey, Jamil Zaki and Kathy R. Berenson
Chapter 27 Social Psychology (pages 454–463): Howard Tennen and Paulette M. Gillig
Chapter 28 Psychoanalytic Theories (pages 464–485): Patrick J. Haggard, Andrew C. Furman, Steven T. Levy, Jonathan E. Dunn, Robert M. Galatzer?Levy, Sybil A. Ginsburg, Lawrence B. Inderbitzen, Mark E. James, Arnold D. Richards, Ralph E. Roughton, Beth Seelig and Henry F. Smith
Chapter 29 Psychopathology Across the Life Span (pages 487–524): Andrew E. Skodol and Donna S. Bender
Chapter 30 Clinical Evaluation and Treatment Planning: A Multimodal Approach (pages 525–545): Francine Cournos, David A. Lowenthal and Deborah L. Cabaniss
Chapter 31 The Initial Psychiatric Evaluation of Children and Adolescents (pages 546–555): Christina G. Weston and William M. Klykylo
Chapter 32 Neuropsychological Assessment and Neurophysiological Evaluation (pages 556–569): Larry J. Seidman, Gerard E. Bruder and Anthony J. Giuliano
Chapter 33 Brain Imaging in Psychiatry (pages 570–581): Douglas S. Lehrer, Darin D. Dougherty and Scott L. Rauch
Chapter 34 Consciousness, Orientation, and Memory (pages 582–594): Keith H. Claypoole and Richard D. Sanders
Chapter 35 Alterations of Speech, Thought, Perception, and Self?Experience (pages 595–604): Ralph E. Hoffman, Thomas H. McGlashan and Douglas S. Lehrer
Chapter 36 Emotions (pages 605–620): Robert Kohn and Martin B. Keller
Chapter 37 Physical Signs and Symptoms (pages 621–632): Philip R. Muskin and Elsa G. E. Mirasol
Chapter 38 Behavior and Adaptive Functioning (pages 633–647): Susan C. Vaughan and John M. Oldham
Chapter 39 Culture and Psychiatric Diagnosis (pages 648–658): Juan E. Mezzich, Roberto Lewis?Fernandez and Maria Angeles Ruiperez
Chapter 40 Psychiatric Classification (pages 659–678): Michael B. First
Chapter 41 Diagnostic Classification in Infancy and Early Childhood (pages 679–688): Stanley I. Greenspan and Serena Wieder
Chapter 42 Childhood Disorders: Intellectual Disability (pages 689–746): Kerim M. Munir, Sandra L. Friedman, Maija L. Wilska and Ludwik S. Szymanski
Chapter 43 Childhood Disorders: Learning and Motor Skills Disorders (pages 747–764): Larry B. Silver
Chapter 44 Childhood Disorders: Communication Disorders (pages 765–778): William M. Klykylo
Chapter 45 Childhood Disorders: The Pervasive Developmental Disorders (pages 779–803): James McPartland, Ami Klin, Alexander Westphal and Fred R. Volkmar
Chapter 46 Childhood Disorders: Attention?Deficit and Disruptive Behavior Disorders (pages 804–829): Jeffrey H. Newcorn, Iliyan Ivanov, Vanshdeep Sharma, Kurt Schulz and Jeffrey M. Halperin
Chapter 47 Childhood Disorders: Feeding and Related Disorders of Infancy or Early Childhood (pages 830–846): Rachel J. Bryant?Waugh and Emma H. C. Piepenstock
Chapter 48 Childhood Disorders: Tic Disorders (pages 847–867): Matt W. Specht, Courtney Pierce Keeton and John T. Walkup
Chapter 49 Childhood Disorders: Elimination Disorders and Childhood Anxiety Disorders (pages 868–888): Christopher P. Lucas and David Shaffer
Chapter 50 Stereotyped Movement Disorder and Reactive Attachment Disorder (pages 889–896): Morgan Feilbelman and Charles H. Zeanah
Chapter 51 Dementia, Delirium, and Other Cognitive Disorders (pages 897–930): Robert L. Frierson
Chapter 52 Mental Disorders Due to a General Medical Condition (pages 931–956): David P. Moore
Chapter 53 General Approaches to Substance and Polydrug Use Disorders (pages 957–970): Thomas R. Kosten
Chapter 54 Substance Abuse: Alcohol Use Disorders (pages 971–1004): Thomas F. Babor, Carlos A. Hernandez?Avila and Jane A. Ungemack
Chapter 55 Substance Abuse: Amphetamine Use Disorders (pages 1005–1018): Kevin A. Sevarino
Chapter 56 Substance Abuse: Caffeine Use Disorders (pages 1019–1040): Roland R. Griffiths and Chad J. Reissig
Chapter 57 Substance Abuse: Cannabis?Related Disorders (pages 1041–1057): Benjamin R. Nordstrom and Frances R. Levin
Chapter 58 Substance Abuse: Cocaine Use Disorders (pages 1058–1089): Jennifer R. Baker, Charles Y. Jin and Elinore F. McCance?Katz
Chapter 59 Substance Abuse: Phencyclidine Use Disorders (pages 1090–1099): Daniel C. Javitt
Chapter 60 Substance Abuse: Hallucinogen? and MDMA?Related Disorders (pages 1100–1126): Rif S. El?Mallakh, John H. Halpern and Henry D. Abraham
Chapter 61 Substance Abuse: Inhalant?Related Disorders (pages 1127–1148): Charles W. Sharp, Neil Rosenberg and Fred Beauvais
Chapter 62 Substance Abuse: Nicotine Dependence (pages 1149–1168): Douglas Ziedonis, Marc L. Steinberg, Susan J. Fiester and Cezar Cimpeanu
Chapter 63 Substance Abuse: Opioid Use Disorders (pages 1169–1185): George E. Woody and Paul J. Fudala
Chapter 64 Substance Abuse: Sedative, Hypnotic, or Anxiolytic Use Disorders (pages 1186–1200): Donald R. Wesson, David E. Smith, Walter Ling and Sanjay Sabnani
Chapter 65 Schizophrenia and Other Psychoses (pages 1201–1282): Jayendra K. Patel, Debra A. Pinals and Alan Breier
Chapter 66 Mood Disorders: Depression (pages 1283–1331): Heinz Grunze, Cornelius Schule, David Casey and Thomas C. Baghai
Chapter 67 Mood Disorders: Bipolar (Manic–Depressive) Disorders (pages 1333–1378): Mark S. Bauer
Chapter 68 Mood Disorders: Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (pages 1379–1391): Teri Pearlstein
Chapter 69 Anxiety Disorders: Panic Disorder With and Without Agoraphobia (pages 1392–1408): Gordon J. G. Asmundson and Steven Taylor
Chapter 70 Anxiety Disorders: Social and Specific Phobias (pages 1409–1442): Randi E. McCabe and Martin M. Antony
Chapter 71 Anxiety Disorders: Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder (pages 1443–1471): Michele T. Pato, Ayman Fanous, Jane L. Eisen and Katharine A. Phillips
Chapter 72 Anxiety Disorders: Traumatic Stress Disorders (pages 1472–1493): Amanda M. Flood, Jonathan R. T. Davidson and Jean C. Beckham
Chapter 73 Anxiety Disorders: Generalized Anxiety Disorder (pages 1494–1509): Amy E. Lawrence and Timothy A. Brown
Chapter 74 Somatoform Disorders (pages 1510–1547): Sean H. Yutzy and Brooke S. Parish
Chapter 75 Factitious Disorders (pages 1548–1557): Anne M. Fleming and Stuart J. Eisendrath
Chapter 76 Dissociative Disorders (pages 1558–1577): Jose R. Maldonado and David Spiegel
Chapter 77 Sexual Disorders (pages 1578–1608): Stephen B. Levine
Chapter 78 Eating Disorders (pages 1609–1625): B. Timothy Walsh
Chapter 79 Sleep and Sleep–Wake Disorders (pages 1626–1657): Milton Erman and Sonia Ancoli?Israel
Chapter 80 Impulse?Control Disorders (pages 1658–1701): Daphne Simeon and Heather Berlin
Chapter 81 Adjustment Disorders (pages 1702–1717): James J. Strain, Kim Klipstein and Jeffrey H. Newcorn
Chapter 82 Personality Disorders (pages 1718–1753): Thomas A. Widiger and Stephanie N. Mullins?Sweatt
Chapter 83 Psychological Factors Affecting Medical Condition (pages 1754–1772): James L. Levenson
Chapter 84 Medication?Induced Movement Disorders (pages 1773–1793): Thomas W. Meeks and Dilip V. Jeste
Chapter 85 Relational Problem Related to a Mental Disorder or General Medical Condition (pages 1794–1814): Martha C. Tompson, David J. Miklowitz and John F. Clarkin
Chapter 86 Organization and Economics of Mental Health Treatment (pages 1817–1848): Michael F. Hogan and Ann K. Morrison
Chapter 87 Individual Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (pages 1851–1874): Jerald Kay and Rena L. Kay
Chapter 88 Interpersonal Psychotherapy (pages 1875–1888): John C. Markowitz
Chapter 89 Brief Psychotherapies (pages 1889–1903): Mantosh J. Dewan, Brett N. Steenbarger and Roger P. Greenberg
Chapter 90 Group Psychotherapy (pages 1904–1919): Walter N. Stone
Chapter 91 Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies (pages 1920–1947): Edward S. Friedman, Michael E. Thase and Jesse H. Wright
Chapter 92 Family Therapy (pages 1948–1962): James L. Griffith and Lois Slovik
Chapter 93 Couples Therapy (pages 1963–1981): Eva Ritvo, Ira D. Glick and Ellen Berman
Chapter 94 Hypnosis (pages 1982–2026): Jose R. Maldonado and David Spiegel
Chapter 95 Behavioral Medicine (pages 2027–2046): Lisa Maria E. Frantsve, William H. Sledge, Robert D. Kerns and Paul Desan
Chapter 96 Psychosocial Rehabilitation (pages 2047–2058): Alan S. Bellack
Chapter 97 Psychiatric Rehabilitation for Achieving Successful Community Living for Adults with Psychiatric Disabilities (pages 2059–2082): Phyllis Solomon and Sara W. Cullen
Chapter 98 Advocacy, Self?Help, and Consumer? Operated Services (pages 2083–2096): Harriet P. Lefley
Chapter 99 General Principles of Pharmacologic Therapy (pages 2097–2111): Zahinoor Ismail and Bruce G. Pollock
Chapter 100 Psychopharmacology: Ethnic and Cultural Perspectives (pages 2112–2122): Keh?Ming Lin, Chia?Hui Chen, Shu?Han Yu, Margaret T. Lin and Michael W. Smith
Chapter 101 Antidepressants (pages 2123–2160): Robert J. Boland and Martin B. Keller
Chapter 102 Antipsychotic Drugs (pages 2161–2201): Seiya Miyamoto, David B. Merrill, Jeffrey A. Lieberman, W. Wolfgang Fleischacker and Stephen R. Marder
Chapter 103 Mood Stabilizers (pages 2202–2222): David J. Muzina, David E. Kemp and Joseph R. Calabrese
Chapter 104 Anxiolytic Drugs (pages 2223–2253): Deidre M. Edwards, Kathryn L. Hale, Rachel E. Maddux and Mark Hyman Rapaport
Chapter 105 Pharmacologic Treatment of Insomnia (pages 2254–2263): David N. Neubauer
Chapter 106 Stimulants (pages 2264–2293): Natalya Paykina, Laurence L. Greenhill, Kelly N. Fahl and J. Craig Nelson
Chapter 107 Cognitive Enhancers and Treatments for Alzheimer's Disease (pages 2294–2317): Roy Yaari, Pierre N. Tariot and Lon S. Schneider
Chapter 108 Complementary and Alternative Treatments in Psychiatry (pages 2318–2353): Richard P. Brown, Patricia L. Gerbarg and Philip R. Muskin
Chapter 109 Brain Stimulation in Psychiatry (pages 2354–2371): Stefan Rowny and Sarah H. Lisanby
Chapter 110 Pharmacologic Management of Treatment?Resistant Unipolar Depression (pages 2372–2389): Patrick J. McGrath and Jeffrey M. Miller
Chapter 111 Pharmacological Treatment of Substance Abuse Disorders (pages 2390–2416): Wilfrid Noel Raby, Frances R. Levin and Edward V. Nunes
Chapter 112 Pharmacologic Issues During Pregnancy (pages 2417–2429): Kimberly A. Yonkers and Margaret Spinelli
Chapter 113 Combined Treatment with Medications and Psychotherapy (pages 2430–2446): Bret R. Rutherford, Deborah L. Cabaniss and Steven P. Roose
Chapter 114 Patient Compliance (pages 2447–2461): Stephanie A. Riolo and Christina G. Weston
Chapter 115 Managing Psychological Consequences in Disaster Populations (pages 2465–2477): Derrick A. Hamaoka, David M. Benedek and Robert J. Ursano
Chapter 116 Management of the Suicidal Patient (pages 2478–2490): Glenn A. Melvin, Kelly Posner, Barbara H. Stanley and Maria A. Oquendo
Chapter 117 Restraints and Seclusion (pages 2491–2495): Wanda K. Mohr, Kevin Ann Huckshorn and Kim J. Masters
Chapter 118 Psychosomatic Medicine (pages 2496–2506): James L. Levenson
Chapter 119 Psychiatric Conditions in Women during Reproductive Transitions (pages 2507–2515): Helen G. Kim, Nancy Raymond and Susan G. Kornstein
Chapter 120 Death and Bereavement (pages 2516–2525): M. Katherine Shear
Chapter 121 Serving People Who Have Mental Illness and Homelessness (pages 2526–2537): Hunter L. McQuistion, Alan D. Felix and Judith Samuels
Chapter 122 Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation (pages 2538–2548): Robert P. Cabaj
Chapter 123 Management of the Patient in Geriatric Psychiatry (pages 2549–2562): David A. Casey
Chapter 124 Management of Victims of Torture (pages 2563–2575): Marianne C. Kastrup and James M. Jaranson
Chapter 125 Psychiatric Management of Victims of Physical and Sexual Abuse and Rape (pages 2576–2592): Donna E. Stewart and Simone N. Vigod
Chapter 126 Correctional Psychiatry (pages 2593–2601): Erik J. Roskes
Chapter 127 Treatment of Violent Behavior (pages 2602–2615): Fabian M. Saleh, John P. Fedoroff, Adekunle G. Ahmed and Debra A. Pinals
Chapter 128 Research Methodology and Statistics (pages 2619–2634): Daniel S. Weiss

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