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📙 Rook's Textbook of Dermatology, Eighth Edition by — download pdf

The late Arthur Rook established the Textbook of Dermatology as the most comprehensive work of reference available to the dermatologist. Covering all aspects of skin disease from basic science through pathology and epidemiology to clinical practice, the text is recognized for its unparalleled coverage of diagnosis.

Hailed by reviewers as 'a thorough, modern masterpiece' and 'the best textbook of dermatology in the world', and trusted by dermatologists around the world for accurate and comprehensive coverage, this clinical classic is the definitive source of information for all dermatologists. The new edition of this venerable classic extends the standard of excellence to include:

  • All-new coverage of cosmetic dermatology and sexually transmitted diseases
  • More material on evidence-based dermatology
  • Increased coverage of dermoscopy
  • More emphasis on therapeutics throughout the set
  • More contributions from a greater variety of international experts
  • New page design with larger illustrations for more immediate recognition

The 8th Edition marks the debut of the online edition of Rook's Textbook of Dermatology, allowing users the fastest possible access to the full range of knowledge on all known dermatological conditions. With fully searchable text and a fully searchable bank of more than 3,300 downloadable images, this online version puts specific information at your fingertips - when and where you need it - and is free with purchase of the four-volume set. The person-specific access code travels with you, not your computer, so you can check with Rook from any location.

With the online version, you can:

  • Search across all four volumes simultaneously
  • Search all images separately
  • Download images into presentations
  • Link directly to references via a range of sources

Rook's Textbook of Dermatology, in print and now online, provides a reliable, constant companion for all dermatologists.Content:
Chapter 1 Introduction and Historical Bibliography (pages 1–10): D. A. Burns and N. H. Cox
Chapter 2 Comparative Dermatology (pages 1–23): D. A. Burns, N. H. Cox and P. B. Hill
Chapter 3 Anatomy and Organization of Human Skin (pages 1–53): J. A. McGrath and J. Uitto
Chapter 4 Functions of the Skin (pages 1–11): C. B. Archer
Chapter 5 Diagnosis of Skin Disease (pages 1–26): N. H. Cox and I. H. Coulson
Chapter 6 Epidemiology of Skin Disease (pages 1–21): H. C. Williams
Chapter 7 Evidence?Based Dermatology (pages 1–23): M. Bigby and H. C. Williams
Chapter 8 Skin and Skin Disease Throughout Life (pages 1–29): G. W. M. Millington and R. A. C. Graham?Brown
Chapter 9 Racial Influences on Skin Disease (pages 1–19): L. C. Fuller and E. M. Higgins
Chapter 10 Histopathology of the Skin: General Principles (pages 1–43): E. Calonje
Chapter 11 Molecular Biology (pages 1–22): E. A. O'Toole
Chapter 12 Inflammation (pages 1–76): M. Steinhoff, R. W. Groves, P. E. LeBoit and T. A. Luger
Chapter 13 Clinical Immunology, Allergy and Photoimmunology (pages 1–34): G. P. Spickett and T. Schwarz
Chapter 14 Wound Healing (pages 1–27): E. A. O'Toole and J. E. Mellerio
Chapter 15 Genetics and Genodermatoses (pages 1–97): A. D. Irvine and J. E. Mellerio
Chapter 16 Prenatal Diagnosis of Genetic Skin Disease (pages 1–11): J. A. McGrath
Chapter 17 The Neonate (pages 1–85): D. G. Paige, A. R. Gennery and A. J. Cant
Chapter 18 Naevi and other Developmental Defects (pages 1–107): C. Moss and H. Shahidullah
Chapter 19 Disorders of Keratinization (pages 1–122): M. R. Judge, W. H. I. McLean and C. S. Munro
Chapter 20 Psoriasis (pages 1–60): C. E. M. Griffiths and J. N. W. N. Barker
Chapter 21 Pruritus (pages 1–18): M. W. Greaves
Chapter 22 Urticaria and Mastocytosis (pages 1–36): C. E. H. Grattan and A. Kobza Black
Chapter 23 Eczema, Lichenification, Prurigo and Erythroderma (pages 1–51): J. Berth?Jones
Chapter 24 Atopic Dermatitis (pages 1–34): P. S. Friedmann, M. R. Ardern?Jones and C. A. Holden
Chapter 25 Contact Dermatitis: Irritant (pages 1–26): S. M. Wilkinson and M. H. Beck
Chapter 26 Contact Dermatitis: Allergic (pages 1–106): M. H. Beck and S. M. Wilkinson
Chapter 27 Occupational Dermatoses (pages 1–23): J. S. C. English
Chapter 28 Mechanical and Thermal Injury (pages 1–94): C. T. C. Kennedy, D. A. R. Burd and D. Creamer
Chapter 29 Cutaneous Photobiology (pages 1–24): J. L. M. Hawk, A. R. Young and J. Ferguson
Chapter 30 Bacterial Infections (pages 1–82): R. J. Hay and B. M. Adriaans
Chapter 31 Mycobacterial Infections (pages 1–41): V. M. Yates
Chapter 32 Leprosy (pages 1–20): D. N. J. Lockwood
Chapter 33 Virus Infections (pages 1–81): J. C. Sterling
Chapter 34 Syphilis and Bacterial Sexually Transmitted Infections (pages 1–37): G. R. Kinghorn
Chapter 35 HIV and the Skin (pages 1–47): C. B. Bunker and F. Gotch
Chapter 36 Mycology (pages 1–93): R. J. Hay and H. R. Ashbee
Chapter 37 Parasitic Worms and Protozoa (pages 1–44): F. Vega?Lopez and R. J. Hay
Chapter 38 Diseases Caused by Arthropods and Other Noxious Animals (pages 1–61): D. A. Burns
Chapter 39 Genetic Blistering Diseases (pages 1–37): J.?D. Fine and S. M. Burge
Chapter 40 Immunobullous Diseases (pages 1–62): F. Wojnarowska and V. A. Venning
Chapter 41 Lichen Planus and Lichenoid Disorders (pages 1–28): S. M. Breathnach
Chapter 42 Disorders of the Sebaceous Glands (pages 1–89): A. M. Layton
Chapter 43 Rosacea, Perioral Dermatitis and Similar Dermatoses, Flushing and Flushing Syndromes (pages 1–20): J. Berth?Jones
Chapter 44 Disorders of Sweat Glands (pages 1–22): I. H. Coulson
Chapter 45 Disorders of Connective Tissue (pages 1–70): N. P. Burrows and C. R. Lovell
Chapter 46 Subcutaneous Fat (pages 1–49): D. H. McGibbon
Chapter 47 Diseases of the Veins and Arteries: Leg Ulcers (pages 1–58): P. S. Mortimer, K. G. Burnand and H. A. M. Neumann
Chapter 48 Disorders of Lymphatic Vessels (pages 1–31): P. S. Mortimer
Chapter 49 Purpura and Microvascular Occlusion (pages 1–51): N. H. Cox and W. W. Piette
Chapter 50 Vasculitis, Neutrophilic Dermatoses and Related Disorders (pages 1–95): Neil Cox, J. L. Jorizzo, J. F. Bourke and C. O. S. Savage
Chapter 51 The ‘Connective Tissue Diseases’ (pages 1–138): M. J. D. Goodfield, S. K. Jones and D. J. Veale
Chapter 52 Non?Melanoma Skin Cancer and Other Epidermal Skin Tumours (pages 1–48): A. G. Quinn and W. Perkins
Chapter 53 Tumours of the Skin Appendages (pages 1–44): E. Calonje
Chapter 54 Lentigos, Melanocytic Naevi and Melanoma (pages 1–57): J. A. Newton Bishop
Chapter 55 Histiocytoses (pages 1–34): A. C. Chu
Chapter 56 Soft?Tissue Tumours and Tumour?like Conditions (pages 1–62): E. Calonje
Chapter 57 Cutaneous Lymphomas and Lymphocytic Infiltrates (pages 1–64): S. J. Whittaker
Chapter 58 Disorders of Skin Colour (pages 1–59): A. V. Anstey
Chapter 59 Metabolic and Nutritional Disorders (pages 1–103): R. P. E. Sarkany, S. M. Breathnach, A. A. M. Morris, K. Weismann and P. D. Flynn
Chapter 60 Necrobiotic Disorders (pages 1–17): D. A. Burns
Chapter 61 Sarcoidosis (pages 1–23): D. J. Gawkrodger
Chapter 62 Systemic Disease and the Skin (pages 1–113): N. H. Cox and I. H. Coulson
Chapter 63 The Skin and the Nervous System (pages 1–25): C. B. Archer and D. J. Eedy
Chapter 64 Psychocutaneous Disorders (pages 1–55): L. G. Millard and J. Millard
Chapter 65 Disorders of Nails (pages 1–57): D. A. R. de Berker and R. Baran
Chapter 66 Disorders of Hair (pages 1–100): A. G. Messenger, D. A. R. de Berker and R. D. Sinclair
Chapter 67 The Skin and the Eyes (pages 1–37): J. N. Leonard and J. K. G. Dart
Chapter 68 The External Ear (pages 1–35): C. T. C. Kennedy
Chapter 69 The Oral Cavity and Lips (pages 1–129): C. Scully and A. Hegarty
Chapter 70 The Breast (pages 1–17): D. A. Burns
Chapter 71 The Genital, Perianal and Umbilical Regions (pages 1–102): C. B. Bunker and S. M. Neill
Chapter 72 General Aspects of Treatment (pages 1–34): A. Y. Finlay and C. H. Smith
Chapter 73 Topical Therapy (pages 1–52): J. Berth?Jones
Chapter 74 Systemic Therapy (pages 1–53): S. M. Breathnach, C. H. Smith, R. J. G. Chalmers and R. J. Hay
Chapter 75 Drug Reactions (pages 1–177): S. M. Breathnach
Chapter 76 Erythema Multiforme, Stevens–Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (pages 1–22): S. M. Breathnach
Chapter 77 Dermatological Surgery (pages 1–50): C. M. Lawrence and N. R. Telfer
Chapter 78 Lasers and Flashlamps in the Treatment of Skin Disorders (pages 1–16): R. J. Barlow
Chapter 79 Radiotherapy and Reactions to Ionizing Radiation (pages 1–19): C. G. Kelly and I. Peat
Chapter 80 Minimally Invasive Treatments and Procedures for Ageing Skin (pages 1–14): N. J. Lowe

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  • Year: 2010
  • Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781405161695,9781444317633

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