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📙 Together Forever by Kantor — epub download

A loving, lasting, committed relationship One of the greatest challenges that gay men face today is deciding to be in a long-term committed relationship and then learning how to make it work. Dr. Kantor busts the myths that exist in the gay community about relationships and gives gay men a model for healthy, happy marriages (legal or not). Learn: -Why the fate of your relationship is more important than the health and well-being of your sofa -Why you should choose commitment and work to make the relationship strong -How to have good, plenty, and forever sex -The secrets of keeping your man, your friends and your family happy (even ''difficult'' loved ones) -Ways to avoid damage to your relationship from third parties that don't have your best interests at heart ''Peppered with hilarious proverbs, insightful quizzes and fascinating anecdotes, Together Forever is honestly refreshing, and goes against the grain of most tired self-help books. You'll learn the art of the compromise and how to truly give of yourself--without losing yourself--for the sake of a joyful, committed partnership.'' --Raeleen D'Agostino Mautner, PhD, author of Living la Dolce Vita Dr. Martin Kantor is a psychiatrist specializing in gay men's issues. He is the author of My Guy. He lives with his partner of 22 years in New Jersey.

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